Launch of three pivotal studies related to labour employment and skill development for the Government of Karnataka

  • 28 February, 2019
  • Bengaluru

With the aim to base its skill development policy on a comprehensive understanding of the labour market and qualification situation in the state, the Government of Karnataka requested the support of the skills project in gaining knowledge on three topics: strengthening the informal labour market through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL); improving the Labour Market Information System (LMIS); and developing a concept for exporting skilled workers. The project facilitated the development of three studies that were conducted by research teams, consisting of an Indian and an international expert each.

After extensive research which included meeting different stakeholders on the state and national level, the studies were officially submitted to the Government of Karnataka in Bengaluru. The meeting was attended by Mr. Palaiah (Labour Commissioner), Ms Gopalakrishna Sathyavathi (Commissioner of Industrial Training and Employment) and Dr Shripad S B (Joint Labour Commissioner).

Following a brief presentation of the main findings of the studies, the participants entered a vivid discussion that focused on the implications for the situation in Karnataka. While the study dealing with the recognition of informal learning experiences suggested adopting a strategy combining an assessment of existing skills with training bridging potential gaps, the importance of clearly distinguishing Recognition of Prior Learning from skill development initiatives was underlined during the conversation. Identifying the right assessors while covering all three sectors (agriculture, industry and services) were mentioned as main priorities for implementation.

Making use of the rapid digitalisation, several suggestions for improving the Labour Market Information System in Karnataka were debated. A major impediment being the lack of accessible data, which is the most important precondition of a well-functioning LMIS that benefits its various users.

Even though several initiatives for exporting skilled manpower abroad are in the pipeline, their implementation is hindered by a lack of motivation to move abroad in the population. Awareness campaigns might be conducted as a first step to address the concern.

As an outcome for the meeting, a potential collaboration in the field of Recognition of Prior Learning, which might be linked to an initiative on taking care of child labourers, was suggested.

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