Featured Work

Innovation Promotion Services for Women Manufacturing MSMEs

May 2021

Survey on Innovation Capacities of MSMEs in India

April 2021

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Business Membership Organisations and Industry-Academia Collaboration in Punjab – Policy Recommendations to the Government of Punjab

January 2021

Strengthening Business Membership Organisations and Promoting Industry-Academia Linkages – Policy Recommendations to the Government of Maharashtra

December 2020

Promoting Cooperative Skill Development

November 2020

Programme for Modernisation and Innovation Promotion in MSMEs in India – Success Stories

October 2020

Creating a Curriculum for a New Apprenticeship Course

August 2020

Conducting a Training for In-Company Trainers

August 2020

Implementing the Dual System of Training

August 2020

Promoting Apprenticeship Through Career Guidance

August 2020

Conducting a Skill Gap Analysis

August 2020

Establishing the Marathwada Skills Hub

August 2020

Strengthening Women Entrepreneurship

August 2020

Strengthening the MSME Ecosystem in India

July 2020

Start-up Catalysts – Incubators & Accelerators

June 2020

Key Support Schemes for Incubators in India

May 2020

Fuelling Innovation through Industry-Academia Collaboration

January 2020

Securing the Internet of Things Together

January 2020

Her&Now - Newsletter (Oct 2019)

October 2019

Her&Now - Newsletter (Sep 2019)

October 2019

Her&Now - Newsletter (Aug 2019)

September 2019

Automotive and Component Trade with India

August 2019

An Analysis of Women Entrepreneurship in India

August 2019

Driving Innovation in MSMEs through Business Incubation

May 2019

Improvement of the Labour Market Information System (LMIS) in the State of Karnataka, India

February 2019

Development of a Concept for the Export of Workers from the State of Karnataka, India

February 2019

Developing an Implementation Strategy for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) System in the State of Karnataka, India

February 2019

Women Investing in Women: A Case for Gender Lens Investing in India

December 2018

By Women for Women: Building the Childcare Ecosystem in India

December 2018

Apprenticeship Connect: Skill Connect Roadshow

August-December, 2018

Overview of India’s Quality Infrastructure

December 2018

Skilling India in a Digital Age

December 2018

Making Safe Machines a Standard

December 2018

A Handbook of Key Public Support Schemes for Innovation Promotion in MSMEs

October 2017

Promoting Responsible Enterprise Finance

December 2016

No Excuses: Countering the 10 Most Common Excuses for Corrupt Behaviour

November 2016

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