Strategy Workshop for Incubation Services

  • 11-12 December, 2018
  • New Delhi

Incubation plays an important role in the development of new business ventures in order to stimulate and support economic growth. The need for innovation makes it even more important to increase the entrepreneurial spirit and to improve the environment for entrepreneurs in any given economy. Incubators bring stakeholders together and add credibility through association, access to shared and more affordable resources and by providing professional expertise and advice.

Innovation promotion and incubation is a priority area for the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India. The Ministry is implementing the program ‘Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators’. The main objective of the scheme is to promote and support untapped creativity of individual and to promote adoption of latest technologies in manufacturing as well as knowledge based innovative MSMEs (ventures) that seek the validation of their ideas at the proof of concept level.

In this context the Indo-German programme for innovation promotion in MSMEs invited representatives from several incubators, organisations aspiring to become incubators, academia as well as from the Ministry of MSME to jointly think about the current environment for business incubation, as well as future business models and value propositions which could enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

The workshop had the following focus areas:

  • Make the participants aware of existing incubation offerings and best practices in Germany and around the world.
  • Reflect on the trends, challenges and opportunities in the Indian context.
  • Enable the participants to develop or re-think their value propositions and business models for their own offerings as business incubators.
  • Enable the participants to adapt and customize their business models to their own context.

To ensure a highly collaborative environment the workshop was facilitated in a participatory and creative style, which was inspired by the tools and approaches of design thinking and business model design. Instead of only giving inputs, the participants were encouraged to share their expertise and co-create new insights and ideas. The participants reflected upon the status quo of incubation in India and focussed on concrete value propositions and business models. It is expected that the business plan developed during this workshop will support incubators to plan and carry on their activities more strategically and improve the innovation ecosystem of the cluster they work in.

The workshop was conducted by Mr Moritz Gekeler. Dr. Moritz Gekeler is the founder and CEO of dolaborate GmbH. He helps companies as a strategic consultant, coach and facilitator for creative collaboration and design thinking.

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