A functioning private sector is crucial for promoting sustainable economic growth and poverty mitigation in India. As growth proceeds, private companies become the main source of employment and livelihood support for the majority of workers and their dependents and have the potential to contribute to socially and regionally inclusive development. However, pervasive poverty, social inequality and increasing environmental degradation suggest that uncontrolled economic growth alone will not lead to sustainable development.

In order to achieve responsible competitiveness conducive to inclusive growth, stable political framework conditions, a positive investment climate, functioning markets and institutions and an intensive public-private dialogue are of essence. The concept of private-sector promotion is therefore based on a systematic competitiveness approach, which is implemented at the micro, meso and macro level.

Vision - Making India an economically vibrant region with a high standard of living for all individuals.

Mission - To promote India's economic growth and mitigate poverty by generating employment opportunities, boosting innovation, driving competitiveness and facilitating entrepreneurship, through collaboration between public and private sector.

The Private Sector Development programme currently runs four bilateral projects and two global projects:

Bilateral Projects:

  • Indo-German Programme for Vocational Education and Training (IGVET),
  • Programme for Modernization and Innovation in MSMEs in India (MSME INNO),
  • Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups by Women (WEE),
  • Programme for Responsible Enterprise Finance (REF).

Global Projects:

  • Global Project for Quality Infrastructure (GPQI-India),
  • Alliance for Integrity (Afln).


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